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"What's My Next Step?" Clarity Session

with Danielle Codere, Holistic Business Advisor

Our intention in this session is to hold the space for your highest good. We’re not attached to you enrolling in the Core program. We are attached to giving you everything you need to make a decision before the doors close. Sitting on the fence is painful and it keeps you stuck. We want better for you than that.

During your personal, one-on-one, 20 minute "What's My Next Step?" Clarity Session, you'll discover:

  • Why you're feeling confusion, doubt or uncertainty about the Core program....and what to do about it.
  • What your current #1 priority is in your business and life
  • Whether enrolling in Core does or does not support that #1 priority
  • How to explain your decision about Core to your loved ones and engage their support

There are a limited number of sessions available, so be sure to book yours now.

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